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Monday, April 16, 2012

Fun in the North Country

Spring is officially upon us, and we are working like mad to get all the outdoor water gardens and Koi ponds looking their absolute best! We have had the privilege of working on a few ponds and waterfalls in the Plattsburgh region recently.  I say privilege because Plattsburgh is a really great town.

There's Lake Champlain - a beautiful body of water that is rumored to be occupied by "Champ", a distance cousin of the Loch Ness Monster. You can read all about Champ's history and decide for yourself if he's real or just hype!

And there is the lovely Saranac River, with great walking trails to experience it in the fullest! Check out a video of the Saranac River Trail here.

You can experience a lesser known side of Plattsburgh by taking the Adirondack Coast Wine Trail. It stops at 7 different vineyards, including ELFS Farm Winery and Cidermill, which tragically lost EVERYTHING in a fire last year but is REOPENING this Spring. We're looking forward to tasting its first batch of new cider!

We love Plattsburgh. It is so much more than just a college town. And we're proud to do our part to contribute to some of its beauty with our ponds, waterfalls and water gardens!

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